With the Saints give rest O Christ, to the souls of thy servants, where sickness and sorrow are no more, neither sighing, but life everlasting.

Со святыми упокой, Христе, душу раба Твоего, идеже несть болезнь, ни печаль, ни воздыхание, но жизнь безконечная.

  • Father Theodore Baccha
  • Father Michael Meredith
  • Father Svatoslav Vasilyev
  • Father Lawrence Zalikowski
  • Richard Crosby
  • Rose Crosby
  • Evelyn Davis
  • Peter Davis
  • Jean Garcia
  • Michael Goch
  • Ruth Goch
  • Mary Gozur-Knight
  • Helen Hartung
  • Norman Hartung
  • Nickolai Lagunchik
  • Amelia Kosty
  • Peter Kozack
  • Natalia Ljdawdansky
  • Andrew Patalak
  • Eva Patalak
  • Julia Poleschuk
  • Barbara Salthouse
  • Bosco Slepcevic
  • Dragitsa Slepcevic
  • Alexandria Zubko
  • Ronald Ireland
  • Georgia Ruth Drennan
  • Vamdon Inks
  • Tatiana Young

Memory Eternal/Вечная память

Orthodox Church in America

Schedule of Sunday Services

Confession offered approximately 30 minutes before each service, including Sunday mornings and by appointment with the priest.

9:10 AM: Hours (prayers in preparation for service)

9:30 AM: Divine Liturgy (the worship service)

After the service all are invited to join us for Coffee Hour and fellowship

Programs for children, youth and adults offered after most services



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